Welcome to Freedom Church Waddington’s website.  We are a new(ish) church family in Waddington, and we especially welcome the RAF community and want to see lives changed as people choose to follow Jesus.

*** UPDATE ***
We have been meeting at the Village Hall since July, and it’s great to be back in person. We’d love to see you, but do wrap up warm and please bring a mask – we are keeping Covid-safe with ventilation at the moment, but as the situation (and weather!) changes we may need to ask people to wear a face-covering too.

But, I hear you ask, “Why a new church family?  And what on earth do you mean by ‘church family’ anyway?!”

There are loads of Christians doing amazing things in our village, and we love to support them on things like Little Angels (the Tots’ Group held at St Michael’s Church), Holiday Club, and messy churches with both the parish and the RAF church.  But there are also loads of different ways to worship God, and we want to build a church family which has its own character, and has a slightly different focus in its good works, so that more of the needs of the community can be met.

As for the phrase ‘church family’… well, we believe that ‘church’ means a group of people worshipping God and following Jesus together (which often, but not always, happens in a church building!)  God created families to look after each other, so the phrase ‘church family’ is a handy way to express that it’s the people who make up Freedom Church, not the venue or the stuff that happens on a Sunday!