Visit us

Freedom Church meets at Waddington Village Hall on Sundays.  We gather at 10.00 for refreshments and a chance to catch up, and then our worship starts at 10.30.  There’s time after we’ve finished for more refreshments, and you’ll often find us sharing lunch together then too.

*** UPDATE ***
We are very excited to be getting back to meeting in person from 25th July!
We’d love to see you, but please make sure you comply with whatever the current Covid guidance and/or rules are on the day of your visit.  We won’t be sharing food again just yet, but feel free to contact us for more information.

You’re more than welcome to come along any week to find out what we’re like, what we do, and why we do it!  There’s always spare food, so you’ll be more than welcome to join us for lunch – but if you can let us know you’re planning to come first, we’ll make sure that any dietary requirements are catered for.  We don’t dress up for church – Jesus welcomed anyone he met, whether they were rich and well-dressed, or poor and in rags – and we know that God doesn’t require us to pretend to be something we’re not, so come dressed however you feel comfortable.

What goes on?

We know that visiting a church service can be quite a daunting thing – even if you’ve been a Christian for years, let alone if you just want to find out what it’s all about.

Our meetings begin with a chance to catch up, or to be introduced to folks if you’ve not been before, over a brew.  When we actually ‘get going’, we’ll normally start with a bit of an introduction before a time when we sing songs to God and about him.  They’re normally pretty easy to learn, and you don’t need to be a confident singer to join in, but we won’t mind at all if you just want to sit and watch.  We often stand up to sing, but don’t feel you have to if you don’t fancy it!  You might find that people share things in between the songs – perhaps a prayer, or a few words from the bible – and everyone is very welcome to contribute.

After that, once everyone is sitting comfortably(!) there might be some notices about other things which are going on.  We might have a chance then for folks to give to the work of Freedom Church, but that’s really for the members, so please don’t feel the need to give – there is no charge for coming to our meetings!  Then that week’s speaker will share a bible-based talk, relevant to life in the 21st century.  After that we may pray with and for each other, and we might have another song or two.  Again, you’re welcome to join in as much or as little as you’d like to, and there will always be a chance for you to ask questions about what’s going on, or why we’re doing something.  After the meeting has finished, we clear a space so we can have a brew together, or share lunch, which is normally finished by about 13.00.

What about my kids?

Kids are a really important part of the Freedom Church family.  You might find some of ours helping with the service, or the little ones pottering about while we sing.  It can get noisy at times, but that’s what real families are like in our experience!

You are hugely welcome to bring your whole family along to visit.  There will be things for them to do if they aren’t interested in what’s going on during a part of the service, and we really don’t mind if they cry, shout, run around or heckle!  We all listen to the Bible story together, then the children go out to a different room to learn about what it means to them, while the adults stay in the main hall to learn about what it means for them.  Tinies are very welcome to stay in with the adults, but equally you’re very welcome to come out with your child if you or they prefer!

Where are you?

Village Hall location

The Village Hall’s address is;

Mere Road

The turning off Mere Road is signposted, but it’s quite a narrow entrance-way.  Don’t worry, you are going the right way!  You’ll see our banner when you get into the car park, and there’ll be someone around to welcome you, too.

Lowland Football Club has matches on the playing field on Sunday mornings, so don’t be surprised if you see folks around who don’t look like they’re heading for Freedom Church!