Waddington Christmas Carol Adventure

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Welcome to the Christmas Carol Adventure! We’re really glad you can join us, and we hope you have a great time exploring the Christmas windows around the village. Please don’t forget that some of the lanes are rather dark, and don’t have footpaths.

If you don’t have a QR scanner on your phone, that doesn’t matter. Click here to find the first window’s information (there is a link on each page to the next window) But if you do have a scanner, then why not let your little one help to discover the information by scanning the code you’ll find at each window?

There are instructions, too, for how to get to the next window, so even if you lose your map, you’ll be able to find your way. But don’t forget to look out for our little angel in each window, and to make a note of the letter in the star on each QR poster, so you can claim your prize at the end of the trail!

Please remember that you remain responsible for your children at all times, and make sure you can all be seen and stay safe!