Acts 4:30 Healing Prayer group

Stretch out your hand to heal and perform signs and wonders through the name of your holy servant Jesus.

Acts chapter 4, verse 30 (NIV)

We know that God heals people, often through doctors and medicine, but also sometimes without using those things – we call that a miracle. And we know that he doesn’t need our help or reminders, but he does love for people to get involved in praying for healing. Our Acts 4:30 group meets once a fortnight to pray for people who have asked for it, and to praise God for the healing we are seeing in our friends and community.

It seems particularly important to be praying for healing at the moment, and we would love to pray for anyone who needs it. You can drop us a line on freedomchurchwaddington [at], or text us on 07801 425125 to request prayer for any condition – physical, mental, spiritual or something else. We will keep requests confidential, and not share them outside the group. We don’t need all your details, but please give us a first name so we can pray specifically for you.