What we believe

What do Freedom Church believe?

Well, what a question!  There are so many ways to answer it.  If you’re interested in the Christian principles which we subscribe to, then the Evangelical Alliance’s Basis of Faith is a really good summary.  But rather than bore you with words on a page, we’d really love it if you visited us to find out how what we believe affects what we do.

What makes Freedom Church distinctive?

As a church family, these are the things which are really important to us.


God loves each of us, so we love each other.

  • Welcoming – it can be hard to go to a new place, so we want people to always feel welcome
  • Encouraging – everyone has their own journey with God, with inevitable ups and downs.  We want to cheer them on, whatever’s happening
  • Caring – Jesus met lots of people with different needs, and he cared for every single one of them.  We care about meeting people’s needs, whether they’re practical, emotional, mental or something else
  • Sending – God rarely plans for people to stay in the same place forever, so when it’s time for folks to move on we send them like Jesus sent out the disciples – equipped and blessed

Being Family

God created families, so we show that we value each other by being like a family together.

  • We love to eat together and enjoy each other’s company
  • We celebrate with each other – we love joy, fun and laughter
  • We stand alongside each other when things are tough
  • We value honesty, openness and integrity


Jesus chose to serve the people around him, so we do too.

  • We want to see our community flourishing – we will do everything we can to see families, individuals, relationships and organisations be the best they can be
  • We value everyone getting involved – we will make sure there are opportunities for them to do so
  • We cherish the selflessness of a servant heart – as we get to know Jesus better, we find that our hearts begin to respond to things we encounter with ‘what can I do for this?’  We value this desire and celebrate it

Being God-centred

We are privileged to have a relationship with the maker of the Universe!  So He’s at the centre of all that we do.

  • We love to worship Him – we express how important we think God is through songs on a Sunday, but also through how we live our lives
  • We talk to Him (and hear Him too!) – we call it praying and we do it together and on our own
  • We value and use the abilities He has given us – these might be talents, skills or spiritual gifts like prophecy and speaking in other languages

Listening to God and each other

Being a follower of Jesus means hearing what God is saying, and acting on it.  God also hears us, even if no-one else is listening, and we want to make space to hear each other too

  • We know that God speaks to us through the Bible; we also hear from God directly, and through other people
  • There is space for people to be heard, ask questions and allow themselves to be vulnerable
  • We know we all have more to learn, so are open to helping and being helped
  • We don’t always get it right, so if something seems wrong we challenge it, and we accept challenges that are made in love

But I don’t know anything about Christianity – what’s it all about?

Maybe you’ve had a look at the EA Basis of Faith (link above), and you’re none the wiser.  That’s fair enough, there is a lot of jargon in there.  We would love to explain Christianity to you, and answer any questions you have.  There are several ways we could do this – firstly, give us an email and we can have a conversation, either in person, via email, or by pointing you to some free resources which might help answer your questions.  Or come along to an Alpha Course (give us a shout if you’re interested and we can let you know the details)  Alpha is a brilliant way to explore what Christianity is all about, with no pressure and where no question is a silly one!

Whatever it is you want to know, then we would love to help you find the answers – our lives have been transformed by knowing the loving God who created each of us to flourish, and we would love for you to find that belonging and fulfilment in knowing Him too.