As a new church, we do not yet have a formal eldership team.  But that is not to say we’re without leadership.  We are a small church family at the moment, but as the family grows, so will the leadership team – and like all families, every member has important things they contribute.  We are now, excitingly, a charity registered in England and Wales, no.1190778.

We are overseen by, and accountable to, Joss and Gill Bray who lead Gateway Church Northumberland.  Like Freedom Church, Gateway Church is in a rural village, and the team there have a wealth of experience of growing a church family in a rural context.  We are also blessed to be in relationship with Steve and Jo Whittington, who lead Jubilee Church Hull, and who have helped and encouraged us in all manner of ways already.

All 3 churches – Freedom Church, Gateway Church and Jubilee Church – are members of Regions Beyond, an apostolic network which is part of the Newfrontiers family of churches.

Freedom Church is led by Jon and Jenne Pape.  Jon and Jenne both served in the RAF, with Jenne leaving when their son was born, and Jon leaving a year later.  In 2012, God started speaking to them about using their experience to make Christianity relevant to the RAF community.  They had been part of a team growing a new church in Huddersfield since leaving the RAF, and felt God tell them to combine that experience with their knowledge of the armed forces community.  They moved to Waddington in 2013, and have been building friendships and trying to bless the community ever since.


Jon works full time as a fundraiser for a brilliant charity called Innovista.  They’re based in Oxford, but he’s lucky enough to work from home, so his commute is generally upstairs to the office, with a brew in his hand.  Outside of work, Jon enjoys NERF, building Lego spaceships, keeping up with international politics, and following cricket and NFL (he supports England and the Philadelphia Eagles, since you ask!)

Jenne is a full-time Mum, who also helps run the village toddler group (Little Angels – we meet at the parish church (St Michael’s) on Thursday afternoons in term time, do come and visit if you’ve got a little one under school age!), various village activities for older children, and finds time to be a volunteer buildings archaeologist as well.  Jenne is also a keen musician, and loves to be out in the countryside.