Light Trail Window 1

Click to hear this window’s story!

Welcome to the Light Trail! At each window there will be a QR code for you to scan, with the story behind that window. We’ll also be giving you directions to find the next window.

Don’t forget to find the hidden letter on each QR poster – you’ll need your UV pen torch for that! Collect all the letters, and then tell the ladies at the end of the trail the word you’ve made, and you’ll earn a prize. Please do let everyone join in with this, and make space if things get busy at any of the windows.

When you’ve enjoyed the window, listened to the story, and collected your clue letter, it’s time to move on. Walk down Bar Lane and then Capps Lane (all the way to the bottom!) to get to Belle Vue (on your right), where you’ll find the next window. It’s quite small, so you’ll have to go up close to look!

Be careful, as there is no footpath on Capps Lane – use your torch to make sure you can be seen!

Thank you to the wonderful Zoo Ceramics for creating the display for us – all the ceramics are actually for sale (sadly the cuddly toys are not!) You can find more information at

[If you don’t have a QR scanner, click here for the next window’s story]

Window 1

Main Image (c) Richard Croft,